3 days!!! #YoshikiWorldTour will kick off!!
—Yoshiki @ Twitter
先日オテル・ドゥ・ミクニで開催されたX JAPANのボーカルToshlさんの
「Toshl Live CRYSTAL ROCK・NIGHT」に出演致しました。小瀧俊治(ピアノ)、
—Toshiharu Kotaki @ Twitter
On April 12 & 13, we played the piano as support members of the
X JAPAN's vocal Toshl. It was held in Hotel de Mikuni to "Toshl Live
CRYSTAL ROCK · NIGHT". Toshl's solo songs, western & cover songs such
as X JAPAN program was very great in the live carried out over 2 days.
It was two days of excitement parting from the voice of overwhelming
Toshl's recital with Toshi's musical instrument of course,
even while playing together.
I was able to see the figure that has been excitement of every fan's
smile, you feel a great power of music again.
—Toshiharu Kotaki @ ameba (Google translation)


sugizo 4 u! a-pinkspider hope they’re ok, hopefully someone will scan it soon. it’s not all of them but they’re all kind of similar so.. :)

Thank you so much dear hemimetabolism ^__^ They’re great! *^*
You made me so happy! Hope you’re having a nice day <3


 I had a dream.
I was in Kyoto and traveled from there to Miura Reien …..it is
simple.. usually
take the Shinkansen to Yokohama and there transferring to a local train

I went there on a chairlift about 460 km ….and
transfer from one to the other chairlifts about 7 times
It was crazy, but the view on the Japan was amazing……but im not sure if it was a Japan…..

It was a bit of a nightmare…..but just smell or sometning inside.these days I do not know whether it is better to insomnia or sleep. maybe too much listening Dir en Grey
Maybe it’s just approached the worst day of the year.


This are some picture of LADIESROOM members with X Japan member in different years.

Please help me supporting the band Facebook.com/LadiesRoomBand

This was a band produced by Yoshiki

They were Hide’s good friends

1-. George and Taiji
2-. Sugizo w George at hide summit 09’
3-. Hyaku and Taiji
4-. Hyaku, Toshi, George, Taiji,-,Hide, Yoshiki and Pata

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Pata supported Nanase Aikawa.  Shinya Yamada, Crazy Cool Joe (I think), Marty Friedman, and DIE did, as well.

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