With SUGIZO who came all over to see us and whom I respect. 
Got appreciative words, and this is an important picture in my life!
Hizaki (Versailles) @ Twitter | Translation

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Finally I received my Taeyang hide Rocket Dive, so my collection of hide Taeyangs is now complete! All 4: Hash, Psyence, Rocket Dive and Doubt.


#Yoshiki has been practicing piano too much and his hands are swollen T__T He’ll see a doctor early next week. He laughs it off by saying he can still play piano with swollen hands.. T__T

Poor #Yoshiki.. 💔 I’m heartbroken..

I know he can still play super well without practicing too too hard, but he always wants to give 100%, so..

It hurts..



sairungch asked:

I will visit hide's grave in next 2 weeks, could you please tell me how to go to his family house? I really want to drop there and pay my respect to him.

Hello! I don’t know the address but I’ll live this ask public, so if anyone knows the place, send a ask to you kindly ^_^


Y a celebrar que la vieji querida ya metió sus garras de tigresa y su cucharota en otro lado! Esta se quiere volver world monopolio.

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Yoshiki may not be a household name in the United States, but he’s a superstar in his native Japan.

The drummer and pianist, who founded the glam-rock/metal band X Japan, has sold 30 million records worldwide, and has sold out the 55,000-capacity Tokyo Dome a record 18 times. He’s one of the creators of the popular “visual kei” rock and fashion movement.

Yoshiki composed the 2012 Golden Globe Awards theme song, and wrote and performed the theme song for Expo 2005, the world’s fair held for 185 days in Nagoya, Japan. He played an original composition for the Japanese emperor’s 10th anniversary, and even served as the inspiration for a Hello Kitty character and a Marvel Comics hero – Blood Red Dragon.

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X JAPAN interview, September 1989 (English subs)

I feel greatly honored to write the theme song for SAINT SEIYA.
I truly believe I have created a touching song with a beautiful melody using a hero as the motif. I very happily accepted this offer since I of course knew SAINT SEIYA and I am a great fan of anime. I saw the manga a long time ago.

Before writing the song I had the chance to see the new movie, which feels like it was created at a magnificent scale.
I actually faced a big struggle with matching my music with the movie. The result is a sort of ballad, rather than a loud piece. I think the song suits the magnificent scale sensitivity of SAINT SEIYA. I will play this song during the upcoming Yoshiki Classical World Tour at 13 venues in 10 countries.

Yoshiki about “Hero” [ via Music Japan Plus ]