Yeah, inside me, it’s really un-tidy, but I like to look good on the outside; so even though my ‘house’ is un-tidy, my ‘garden’ is tidy.

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Aug 25, 2014. Toshl – Forever Love (Crystal Rock Night)
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X JAPAN will be holding a 2-day concert at Yokohama Arena on September 10 and October 1. This will mark their first time in about 4 years to hold a solo concert in Japan. Tickets to these concerts were sold out in just 1 second after they went on sale to the general public on August 30 at 10:00 pm.

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I tried the wine produced by YOSHIKI-san…

It’s super-duper tasty ! \m/,(•。•)

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I’m proud to announce the new version of my theme, due to X JAPAN show at Madison Square Garden in October.
I’ve fixed every single detail that was out of place and also added a lot of new features that I’m going to explain now.

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一足早く宮城入りして名取でのGLAYのライヴを観てきた。素晴らしかったー。流石のパフォーマンス。20年経っても彼等は青春真っ盛り。清く美しい。打ち上げでも盛り上がったー。 SGZ


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Q: Pick up line to a girl.

T: Sing ‘Endless Rain’ into their ear.
H: Let’s do it. (In Japanese he put ‘やろ’- lol, so direct)
P: No comment.
Y: Secret.
J: I won’t tell.


At Otakon 2014

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Yoshiki has been super intensively practicing drums and piano for the concert. Probably because of it, he is already visiting hospital. The symptom does not seem too serious at the present stage, however, they can almost hear Yoshiki’s body screaming everywhere 💔

Will he last until the concert..? (; _ ; )

I.V. ❥ #XjapanMSG!!