Fragments from Yoshiki’s Interview for VOGUE magazine Final Part
[ Translation courtesy of @Mikaxxxxxxxxx Thank you so much for sharing! ]

How he got an offer for Golden Globes:
"Last year, I attended the Golden Globe Award being invited by
Nakajima-san, a member of HFPA. As I am a voting member of the Grammy,
I was attending the Grammy a lot. But that was the first time I attended
the Golden Globes. As we watched the award show while we were eating and
drinking, I naturally got along well with people around me. There were
people from the HFPA among them, of course. I began to go out to eat with
them a lot after the Golden Globes. One day, there was a party hosted by
them, and all the sudden, Aida (Takla-O'Reilly, the current President of
the HFPA) asked me if I wanted to write a song for the Golden Globes.
So I said, "What!!" (laughs) I thought she was joking at first. But Aida
knew a lot about me. She knew that I composed and performed a song
for the Emperor's 10th Anniversary of his reign and I composed a theme
song for the Aichi Expo. Later she was elected as the President of the
HFPA, and I received an official offer." [ × ]
On the 10th Anniversary of the Emperor's Reign and how 
impressive to
see Yoshiki in a formal tuxedo:
"I got an offer by the Celebration Committee as they were looking for
someone "who could do both classical and pop/rock (music)."
For the attire, I tried many designers' tuxedos as it was for the
Emperor and the Empress." [ × ]
As Yoshiki said he likes to get rid of a wall even though a wall 
be protective: "I have always had should I have
always had should I say this... a deathwish in some ways
since I was a child. Since I lost my father when I was a child, I've
lived my life as if I were saying "I can kill myself anytime," so I
guess I was not so afraid of death to begin with. But I try not to
think negatively about it. Instead, I try to think, "I can do anything,"
or "I am not afraid of anything." [ × ]
On how he became interested in charity: "As I've had a death wish for
such a long time, I can understand feelings of those who lost something
all the sudden. I sometimes think only those living with pains could
understand feelings of others (in need), after all. As for me, I have
hadpains whether it is good or bad. I can especially understand how
lonely those children without parent(s) feel. As a child I was quite
sick, being at the hospital because of asthma... So I can understand
howsick children fighting with their illnesses feel well. I was saved
because I had music. My exit, or how should I say this, the place I
always ended up, when I was suffering, was music. I don't know if
I could have come this far if I did not have music. I mean, I would
have probably been dead by now, I think. (laughs) This is how much
I have been supported by music so strongly. So I actively started a
charity with hope to do something through music for those who lost
something (who are in needs)." [ × ]
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