At Otakon 2014

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Yoshiki Classical @ Otakon 2014, Baltimore

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[Aug 10, 2014] Yoshiki Classical @ Otakon, Baltimore III

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X Japan / Otakon 2014

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This hasn’t come up on my blog before, so let me say now that X Japan is my favorite band of all time.

I was super stoked to hear that they’ll be playing in the Madison Square Garden in NYC this year (on my birthday! Best birthday present!). This will finally be that MSG concert I was waiting for, which was cancelled (postponed indefinitely) 6 years ago, and I wasn’t sure I’d ever get to see the band play live.

But on top of that, as Otakon 2014 drew near, they announced Yoshiki would be playing a concert from his classical tour at the con this year. Otakon held a drawing for concert passes as well as the even more exclusive photo op (in place of autographs, to save Yoshiki’s wrist).

I totally lucked out! I’m in the X shirt next to Heath in the group shot. As we were leaving, I said, “I’ll see you in October! (The concert’s on my birthday!)” and Yoshiki replied with, “Really? Happy birthday!” and shook my hand. Pretty awesome shaking hands with Asia’s biggest rock icon!

I’m so happy!

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after the Surprise live @ photo studio with the members. we are !!
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YOSHIKI, HEATH and PATA at Otakon 2014 talking about Heath joining X and going to a farm and look at cows.

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Yoshiki Press Conference at Otakon with PATA and Heath of X Japan

The press conference at Otakon, Saturday, August 9, 2014.  My JHouse Rocks was there, and you can find my question at around 13:30.  Full text can be read by clicking the link.