after the Surprise live @ photo studio with the members. we are !!
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YOSHIKI, HEATH and PATA at Otakon 2014 talking about Heath joining X and going to a farm and look at cows.

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Yoshiki Press Conference at Otakon with PATA and Heath of X Japan

The press conference at Otakon, Saturday, August 9, 2014.  My JHouse Rocks was there, and you can find my question at around 13:30.  Full text can be read by clicking the link.


Ok so the Q&A this morning was great. Due to the surprisingly small turnout I got front row, and also ended up being the first person to ask a question, haha. I was kinda nervous and at one point thought Yoshiki wasn’t looking at me so I was like “Over here!” And then I saw I was on the tv screens next to the stage and was super embarrassed lol whoops. But I managed to recover from that and ask my question, which was “Besides KISS, what are some other bands you love and are inspired by?” He said it was a good question (yay!), then mentioned a few bands (the main one I remember is Iron Maiden. Hopefully someone else kept track of them all haha) before ending with “all rock bands”, and also mentioned he met David Bowie once.

Heath and Pata showed up later, and when asked about how they all joined X Japan, Yoshiki said that basically all the other members were leaders of their own bands and kept trying to recruit him, but in the end they all somehow ended up joining his band instead. XD And then he shared a funny story about how when Heath joined the band they wanted to do something special for him, so while hanging out at a bar at 3 AM they decided to go out to a farm and look at cows. And then Yoshiki was saying he couldn’t share more stories like that or it would ruin the band’s ‘cool’ image haha.

Things ended shortly after that, but it was a really fun panel and I’m so glad I got to see them again. 8D Looking forward to the concert tomorrow!


Yoshiki of X Japan performing LIVE at Otakon 2014! Heath and Pata showed up as well as special guests! Definitely a fantastic concert! 

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At Otakon 2014

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[Aug 10, 2014] Yoshiki Classical @ Otakon, Baltimore II

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Last day of #otakon2014. It was such fun working with @yoshikiofficial and members of #xjapan

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[Aug 10, 2014] Yoshiki Classical @ Otakon, Baltimore.

Japanese music icon Yoshiki descended upon Baltimore Sunday August 10, 2014 to perform an intimate and emotional live show for lucky attendees of the 21st Otakon Convention.

Yoshiki would perform the tribute song “Without You” and the brief but sweet “Kurenai” before allowing his strings section, the “Yoshiki Sextet” albeit minus 2 members have a transitional segment. Here, violinists Michelle Hassler and Desiree Hazley, along with Kiara Ana Perico on Viola and Leah Metzler on Cello took command, delivering a beautiful and introspective series of music that encapsulated the feelings of love and loss associated with Yoshiki’s music and life.

Yoshiki said that he was bummed his hair wasn’t longer for the Otakon show but he hopes it’ll be longer for the MSG show {x}. Next was a terrific performance of “Art of Life” before the frenzy stirring appearance of PATA and HEATH from X Japan, in a show of support for Yoshiki. Each performed a short solo and Yoshiki had a little fun with them on mic before an attentive and thankful audience. Disappearing off stage PATA and HEATH teased the fans for X Japan’s upcoming show at Madison Square Garden this October. Yoshiki then announced the winner of ticket, including airfare, to the MSG show, a lucky fan named Sandra V. who quickly became the envy of a room full of fans. The conclusion of the show brought us Yoshiki’s beautiful arrangement of the X Japan classic “Endless Rain,’ a fitting and emotional ending to the day’s concert.

At the press conference earlier in the weekend, Yoshiki said that he’d “seen a lot of fans come and go. When you are on top of the world you may forget. We exist because of the fans.” Judging by the outpouring of support and cheers, there will be no shortage of love and support from those in Baltimore and around the world, indeed “We are ALL X!”


1. Miracle
2. Forever Love
3. Anniversary
5. Tears
6. Without You
7. Kurenai
8. String Transition
9. Art of Life
10. Endless Rain
11. Say Anything

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[Aug 8, 2014] Yoshiki, Pata & Heath @ Otakon, Baltimore