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I finished translating chapter 2 of Toshi’s book, “Brainwashed~Returning Alive From 12 Years of Hell”.
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(Source: fanfanxtoshi)

(Source: fanfanxtoshi)

(Source: fanfanxtoshi)

This summer, Toshi released his book “Brainwashed – My Comeback from 12 Years of Hell” in Japan to write about the events which resulted in his entry to “Home of Heart”, what happened during his time with this organisation and how he eventually managed to escape.

At the time of writing, the book has only been published in Japanese, without translations to other languages planned. We took the time to gather information from Toshi’s book as well as Yoshiki’s Biography, interviews, articles and press conferences to put together a comprehensible overview for fans overseas.

We want everyone to be able to know what happened to Toshi, in what was a dark chapter in his life.

The article involves violence and absuse, so if you are sensitive to such subjects, you might not want to read it.

Please don’t copy and repost the content of this article anywhere! If you want to share please link to our website. Thank you!

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