InMARK Toshl handshake meeting in Shizuoka [ via Sayaka Matsumoto ]

[Sep 15, 2014] Toshl SBS Radio Show

Yesterday was held books handing Board + handshake meeting at
Shizuoka Prefecture in "Tanishima-ya Makuizu Shizuoka store" !!
Thank you for coming

"A lot of encouragement, Toshl Thank you"

Shizuoka SBS cast, shake hands with offshoot photos will be posted
at Toshl official app!
Update today! ! Toshl Official app is here
—ToshI @ FB

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Toshi at “Good Morrning” - TV Asahi (9/9/2014)

Toshl ~TV and magazine MEDIA information~ 

September 9 (Tuesday) TV Asahi "Good Morning"
ToshI segment in the "Entertainment" show around 7:40 early
in the morning! *For the live broadcast, there is a possibility of change.
Please note that.
Magazine: September 7 (Sunday) "Women public opinion" magazine on sale September 9 (Tuesday) Weekly Asahi will be published September 16 (Tuesday) "It is good for the body" magazine scheduled —ToshI @ FB

Aug 25, 2014. Toshl – CELEBRATION (Crystal Rock Night)
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Aug 25, 2014. Toshl – WEEK END (Crystal Rock Night)
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"I don’t want anyone to buy or listen to any songs released under the labels ‘Home of Heart’ or ‘Healing World’. Doing so will only inflict more pain on the victims. This is my biggest request to my fans. I myself have come face to face with the damage reaped by them and it brings back plenty of painful memories. I will never sing any songs from that era." Toshi
Read Toshi’s testimony about all the violence and pain inflicted by Kaori Moritani and MASAYA over him here or watch the documentary here.

  • Kaori Moritani (also known as Kaori Morisumi or WANKU) Toshi’s ex-wife, who manipulated him to serve as slave to MASAYA. She only lived as wife with Toshi 1 year and the other 10 with Masaya.
  • MASAYA (real name: Touru Kurabuchi)
    Healing World leader. In his evil plans was arranged a marriage of Moritani and Toshi. He used her all the time to approach to Toshi and sadly he fell in their trap. Masaya infriged on him mental and physical injuries and exploted him. Toshi performed over 3000 shows by 2007 and released around 33 albums and singles produced by Masaya under the next labels:
  • Lemuria Islands Records
  • Home of Heart
  • Healing World
IS VERY IMPORTANT THAT YOU DON’T BUY OR LISTEN ANYMORE THESE ALBUMS when you do, you support Masaya who wrote all of his “healing music” and cynically still sell those albums. Toshi had never seen a penny during 12 years for these works:







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Aug 25, 2014. Toshl – Pink Spider (Crystal Rock Night)
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