Tomorrow, will be broadcasted "Kinsuma Special Nakai Masahiro" 
on TBS where I appeared!
(Friday) 19:56 August 22

Broadcast time: TBS 19: 56 ~

While exchanging the book published in July "Brainwash Comeback
from 12 Years of Hell"
, 12 years brainwashing living episode will
be reproduced at the white gigantic VTR's in the studio.

In addition, I will sing representative songs of X JAPAN like
Forever Love"  Do not miss! !

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—Toshi @ FB

[Ago 17, 2014] HERO PV @ Shinjuku, Tokyo XI.

© Credits: mirror_yx; YOSHIKI_BOT2; BENIO_LaMoliere; Hiroko_melody;
rinnek_tsuki; sumirexxxx
We are SUMIRE-GUMI and You are!! —Toshl @ FB

XJAPAN MSG tickets will go on sale!

X JAPAN Toshi 洗脳12年間の地獄を告白2014・7・30
Tosh talks about of the sect that brainwashed him and hell he lived for 12 years


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after the Surprise live @ photo studio with the members. we are !!
—ToshI @ FB
X JAPAN surprise concert @ shinjuku Tokyo See you at MSG!! 
—Toshl @ FB

Tickets for the MadisonSquareGarden will go on sale!


Toshi & Yoshiki in Shinjuku Station shooting Hero PV.

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ToshI’s concert “Crystal Rock Night Summer Live in Daiba” to be streamed live on NicoNico

Apparently, we will finally get the chance to “take part” at one of ToshI’s solo concerts – On August 25th, NicoNico will stream his concert named “Crystal Rock Night Summer Live in Daiba“!

During his concert, he will be joined by his support “Crystal Rock Knights”, consisting of Shinya (Dir en Grey), Kei (Baroque), Yuu (Merry), Akinori (lynch.), Kate (My Fairytale) and pianist Toshiharu Kotaki.

You will be able to find the live stream on Toshi’s NicoNico channel.

August 25th 2014 (Japanese Time Zone)

  • From 8:00 pm – Music Videos and Live Video
  • From 9:30 pm – Live Special Talk