Hello guys, time without write something~
Well I just want to let you know that from now on this blog is on a permanent semi-hiatus.

Which basically means, this blog won’t be the same anymore.
I won’t be able to post everything daily or make edits, gifs or whatsoever.
By now I can’t even promise news or posts, but as time goes on I’ll be able to make few posts per day, I guess. What I can promise is daily reblogs. 

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One of my FB friends recently posted this. Is anyone else just completely bothered by this? As someone who shelled out $375 for my VIP ticket, I’m personally offended. Not only that, I camped out 3 days at X JAPAN’s previous concert in NYC for my spot. So for the people who paid for their ticket, VIP or otherwise, or to the people who are going to be (or possibly already are) camping out just to get a good spot or because of their passion for the band, how do you feel about this?

It’s one thing to have contests or such for free tickets, but to be giving them out to people who only fit ‘beautiful’ or ‘model’ is completely ignorant and rude in my personal opinion.

Yoshiki and models have a very loooong and old story. As much as I love the band, I’ll never agree with this. Also the last contest, ah… there’s a lot of things that aren’t okay huh. Whatsoever, I hope MSG goes very well for all great fans who traveled around the world just to see the show.


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Sugizo with triple neck guitar.
With love for my dear paper-yoshi <3

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[June 13, 2014] Yoshiki Classical @ NK101 Taipei, Taipei III

© Credits: Zack Cheng; 小薛; Jack Siew

imageHere’s my message <3~

Yoshiki with KALAFINA @ Japan Expo 2014
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