What’s Happening in Mexico? A global call for freedom on April 21, 22.

Mexican government wants to pass a law that will censor Internet to prevent freedom of speech.

Help spread the word, more information here XXX


Ok, so here is the thing…remember SOPA? 

Well, they want to apply us the exact same shit.


Because mexican media (mostly TV, newspapers, radio) has lost all kind of credibility, most of the internet users in here, trust only what we hear from others via blogs or social media.

For the past years, mexican media has been disgustingly manipulated our elections were a farse, not one of the biggest ever we’ve seen worst, but they even payed the less privileged for votes, they were at fault, they know it and kept their heads down, of course when this came out to public light no one believed it specially the ones that blindly and wrongly believe that everything we fear is a conspirancy to destroy the country.

Sadly is pretty much screwed up already.

Is it possible that an uneducated mind like that of our ragdoll president, Enrique Peña Nieto can think of such a thing? He sure can’t but as we see it now the guy is just a puppet and his strings are being pulled by a much greater power…a power that is almost unspeakable for us…if we dare to name it, we pay the price.

We ask you to help us by sharing and making the situation known.

We don’t ask for more.

Friends please help me to spread this just by reblogging! Internet in Mexico is about to being censored which means that THIS BLOG and many others will be off. For sure it sn’t the worst part, we as mexicans, have been deprived from our democracy, civil rights, justice, natural resources (oil), dignity among many other things. Freedom speech is what we had left and they’re about to murder our nation until its very end. Please help us to stop this outrageous law!


Why you might ask?  Well mainly because I continually have problems with people taking my translations.. if you are truly curious, have nothing to do, and don’t mind reading a VERY long rant then you have come to the right post.

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Que lástima que esta sea la imagen que dan de todos los buenos fans de esa región y que ni tienen que ver con ustedes; de ignorantes sin un mínimo gramo de educación. Un hurra a ustedes, por estar logrando que dos de los traductores más importantes en este fandom se vayan. Espero ver que cuando ellos esten ausentes así como se pararon el pinche pecho para esto sigan traduciendo tanta “novedad” a todo el mundo.

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Fans of x japan in central america:

If you’re going to respot everything from tumblr, can you add the original source of tumblr blogs you are taking from? If you can’t remember which was the original blog, at least add “taken from tumblr”.


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Asi es, juyadechineros y juaydechineras! Hoy, 16 de Diciembre se cumplen dos años de trollear a todos nuestros chinos favoritos si no me llega un correo a mi mail ni me entero Gracias a todos nuestros fologüers, los amamos con toda el alma ♥



Is it really so hard for people to credit me and my friends for our photos/gifs/translations when reposting to other websites???

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Happy Birthday HIDE #10
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From Arena 37ºC Jan 2001

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