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(Source: rock-inlife)

YOSHIKI: …and I was really interested in that SXSW
When I was talking with my agent from William Morris Endeavor
He asked if I was interested in participating, and that’s how it happened.

Interviewer: You mentioned your agent, here in Japan agencies are more of production company but abroad it’s a bit different no?
Y: Sure, it’s a bit different…Agency book concerts, TV shows, etc. Managements never book concerts directly.

Interviewer: Artists such as Ryuichi Sakamoto, Eminem, Fatboy Slim, The Rolling Stones are also part of the same agency, right? 
YOSHIKI: Really?
I: Seem so yes.
Y: I knew Lady Gaga has the same agency. Yeah, they’re probably a lot of artists.

Interviewer: I think it’s being announced in February you’re going on tour, Yoshiki Classical World Tour. You released the album last year. And now you’re hoping to go on a world tour.
YOSHIKI: I think it was in August last year, I performed at the Grammy Museum after having released the album. Few months after I was told by a few industry people, that had seen the perfomance that I should take this on a world tour
….sed the album Yoshiki Classical I did a Golden Globe theme, agency people wondered if I had done anything else, and I said I had also written a song for the emperor, and I also wrote a theme song for the World Expo Japan. So I gathered those songs and made an album and I can release that album world-wide. ..I was asked to perform at the Grammy Museum,..also a voting member of the Grammy. So that’s how I performed at the Grammy museum. 
After that people in the industry said that I should tour the world.
I was thinking what should I do.. I still have to record X JAPAN album as well, but I decided I would tour and record at the same time.
I’m also writing a lot of theme songs these days.

Interviewer: You’ll be performing those with a string team?
YOSHIKI: Yes. The tour starts in April, everyday we’re deciding on new countries we will tour, but I think it’ll be 15 countries.
I: That’s a lot.
Y: Yeah, It’ll be more even I think. 15 countries is just part one. Wonder where I’ll be going…
Interviewer: You’ll also be going on a world tour with X JAPAN right?
YOSHIKI: Yes. There’s a lot to do, I’ll just have to deal with them one by one. We’ll be deciding on those concerts soon as well. It’s not impossible, it’ll just be very difficult. It’s tought being the leader of X Japan. I probably shouldn’t say that though (laughs)
I: The whole world is looking forward to your arrival.
Y: It’s because of those fans i can do this.. but yeah I shouldn’t say that. I’ll do my best.

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» hide Memorial Summit: T.M. Revolution

MC: Many of the artists who will appear at the hide Memorial Summit are here today. First of all, YOSHIKI, who is the producer of this event and the leader of X JAPAN, TAKANORI NISHIKAWA of T.M.Revolution, MAXIMUM THE RYOKUN, DAISUKE-HAN, UE-CHAN and NAO from MAXIMUM THE HORMONE, and RYUICHI from LUNA SEA. LUNA SEA has not re-started their activities. However, they have agreed to play just for this occasion. And now, I would like to introduce another person who is here today too. Let’s welcome him.

(The appearance of Mr. X who is the host of this press conference causes a stir in the audience. )

Mr. X (TOSHI of X JAPAN); Eh~, hello ladies and gentleman! I’m Mr. X.

(All: burst out laughing)

Mr. X: I was ordered by YOSHIKI to be a host today. (laugh) I’m not good at this kind of thing, but I’ll try to do my best as host, so please give me your support. First of all, we would like YOSHIKI, who is the producer, to tell us how this hide Memorial Summit was determined to take place. Many artists will participate in this event, so I think you had many difficulties in choosing them. How was it?

YOSHIKI: Thank you very much for doing the MC today. (laugh)

Mr. X: You are welcome. (laugh)

YOSHIKI: I tried to do this project ten years ago but, understandably, it was too difficult, mentally. Now, ten years later, I am able to undertake this project, although I had never imagined that we would be able to create something as wonderful as this. There are various reasons for thinking this, but I never imagined X JAPAN would be reunited, or that LUNA SEA would accept to join this event, as well as Mr. Nishikawa of T.M.Revolution and the other artists that agreed to come today. I am really thankful and encouraged by their participation. It has not started yet, and I don’t know how it will go, but I am sure it will start on time. (laugh)

Mr. X: Please start on time.(laugh) So RYUICHI from LUNA SEA, can you tell us a little about hide and any memories that you may have?

RYUICHI: I think hide's music and visuals were always new. LUNA SEA was influenced by him a lot, and seeing the X JAPAN lives recently reiterated that feeling for me even more.

Mr. X: For the lives, SUGIZO played as a guest guitarist. How did you feel as a member of the same band?

RYUICHI: Well, I was uneasy and nervous, but I could see that Sugi-chan (SUGIZO) was loved by YOSHIKI, TOSHI and all the members. I could see he was really loved and was well taken care of.

YOSHIKI: You know I love RYUICHI too. (laugh)

RYUICHI: Thank you very much. (laugh) I felt very happy for him. So please continue to take good care of him.

YOSHIKI: Of course, he’s always welcome.

Mr. X: Well, he has been working very hard, even during the rehearsals.

YOSHIKI: Hey, MC, you are talking too much!

(All: burst out laughing)

Mr. X: Now Mr. Nishikawa, please tell us why you decided to participate.

TAKANORI: Well, the event was gaining momentum, becoming very significant, so I decided T.M.Revolution would join the event. I am very proud to be able to participate in it.

YOSHIKI: We often pass by one another, but never have enough time to talk.

TAKANORI: Yes, I know. We haven’t had an opportunity to talk like this for such a long time now.

YOSHIKI: Now I’m really happy.

TAKANORI: Thank you very much.

Mr. X: Mr. Nishikawa, what kind of T.M.Revolution do you want to show to hide's fans who will gather at the venue?

TAKANORI: Well, I remember that just ten years ago, in Nippon Housou, standing next to this building, hide had a radio program that I was in charge of just before him. Through his radio programs, I was very impressed and influenced by his original way of sending his affection to the people around him, including members of X JAPAN. After that, the radio program finished, but I was moved by his original way of creating such an environment around him. On the day of the Summit, I want to send my feelings to fans in my own way.

Mr. X: Then, as a representative of MAXIMUM THE HORMONE… why did you put “HAN” at the end of your name?(laugh)


Mr. X: Ah, OK, you don’t have to answer that. (laugh) Please tell us why you decided to join this event.

DAISUKE-HAN: I’ll tell you why I put “HAN” on my name. It’s because…

NAO: You don’t have to say why! (laugh)

DAISUKE-HAN: I think most of you gathering here think “Who are MAXIMUM THE HORMONE?” When we were asked to join this event, we were surprised and very glad. But to be honest, we thought that it was candid camera or something. While we were puzzled at first, as my favorite words in Chinese say that “@\&%$#@\&%$#@\&%$#”(DAISUKE-HAN says something strange that sounds like Chinese pronunciation)(laugh), I don’t know what it means (laugh). That’s why we decided to join the event.

Mr. X: (laugh) What do you think, YOSHIKI?

YOSHIKI: (laugh) It sounds great, but I don’t really understand what he said. (laugh)

Mr. X: Wel… I’ll stop him here, or he may go on a rampage. (laugh)

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