sugizo 4 u! a-pinkspider hope they’re ok, hopefully someone will scan it soon. it’s not all of them but they’re all kind of similar so.. :)

Thank you so much dear hemimetabolism ^__^ They’re great! *^*
You made me so happy! Hope you’re having a nice day <3

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遊びに来てくれたSUGIZO —Visualkei Oyaji @ Twitter
With SUGIZO who came all over to see us and whom I respect. 
Got appreciative words, and this is an important picture in my life!
Hizaki (Versailles) @ Twitter | Translation

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sugi-addict submitted:

『海峡の光』(c.) @uranhirosaki [Link] | [Link 2]
Piece On Earth 2014 —Sugizo @ Facebook