X Japan - Rose and Blood
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Rose and Blood | May, 2001

ALBUM: Rose & Blood -Indies of X-

Merry Xmas to my dear followers and friends ^_^!

Happy Birthday HIDE #10
I really love this pic with all my heart… here you have in a good size

When I was crazy.. still?! haha  (L to R) HIDE PATA TAIJI TOSHI YOSHIKI  
tbt and now more family members, Heath and Sugizo
#Visual-kei #WeAreX !! 7 Rock 'n roll family members!!
手に負えなかった頃.. 今だ手に負えないって..?!(笑)
今は7人家族だ〜! —Yoshiki @ FB
X Japan - Dangerous Zone
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Dangerous Zone | May, 2001

ALBUM: Rose & Blood -Indies of X-


Release: May 2001 | Label Art Union

I’m just feeling nostalgic about Taiji, So I decided to make an entry about this album. There’s no much official info about it, but here’s what I found:
"Although Taiji wrote many songs for the band, ‘Phantom of Guilt’, ‘Desperate Angel’ and ‘Voiceless Screaming’ were some of the few that were officially released. In 2001, Taiji’s rejected compositions for "Jealousy" finally released in Rose & Blood -Indies of X-

This CD is definitely is “official” X material, not official for X discography. The writing “Indies of X” is only a subtitle to the album, meaning to describe its content.
This whole album are demo recordings put up together by Taiji. Most are songs by hide and Taiji. End of the World (Art of Life) music is made in synth version by Taiji  years ago before they recorded a band demo (there were 2 Art of Life demos, one with Taiji, one with Heath, and the oldest one in synth, being “End of the World”).
But outside from that, you’ll see only songs by hide and Taiji. Guess this album was product of Taiji’s big nostalgia for hide’s death and his looming for X which later led him to write X no sei to Shi. [ x ]
You can hear Toshi humming over Taiji’s songs for the most part, that’s because there wasn’t any lyricis composed yet.

  • Introduction (ART OF LIFE" | Composed by: Yoshiki)
  • Dangerous Zone (Untitled Song | Composed by: Taiji)
  • Shadows (JOKER" | Composed by: hide)
  • Light Breeze (Untitled Song | Composed by: Taiji)
  • Rose and Blood (JUNGLE" | Composed by: Taiji)
  • Black Devil (Desperate Angel" | Composed by: Taiji)
  • Not true? (Miscast" | Composed by: hide)
  • End of the World (“ART OF LIFE” | Composed by: Yoshiki)

I’m gonna post songs randomly, being “Light Breeze” my favorite ^^.
More info is always welcome. Enjoy!

Rest in Peace TAIJI (July 12, 1966 – July 17, 2011)

Is so sad when such talented people like you have to go before time.
You’re my favorite bassist ever in the world.
I wish this day never came off, we will never forget nor forgive what happened in Saipan.
Wherever you are I hope you reborn as our beloved phoenix.
We love you now and forever.

Happy Birthday Taiji #10