Just arrived in #Tokyo ! Had a good time in Kyoto !!
今 #京都 から #東京 に着いたところ!気合い が入った!
#Yoshiki #MarcBenioff #Temple #monk


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Hide & Akihiro Kinoshita / Yoshiki & Geess

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This fanart is I painted for my friend omi(http://yoshikibu.blogspot.jp/).
X fans friends and me went meeting to her yesterday because she came to JAPAN with the business trip.
To celebrate this encounter, I was drawing this pic gift for her.
It was just a little time, but we had so happy time!!  We are X!!!(乂∀^)

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John Roos, American ambassador @ Yoshiki’s Birthday party [2010]

Sugizo & Yoshiki - Dahlia Intro - Piano & Violin Solo
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Dahlia [Intro] - Yoshiki & Sugizo Piano/Violin Solo


This is a live version of Yoshiki & Sugi during a duet together. There’s a part at the end where Toshi comes in and starts to sing but for a split moment you sort of just wish that he would have let the musical love affair between these two go on forever.